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  Valdy and Karel at the Belfry         kareljazzfest.jpg         with Maureen Washington

    with Canadian folk icon Valdy at the Belfry Theatre           at Victoria Jazz Fest with Edie Daponte,        with Maureen Washington,
photo courtesy Michele Alger                                Alix Goolden Hall
Gigs and Events
  • Early this year, gigs with Valdy, at Oak Bay Rec Ctr, with Auntie Kate at the Pike House, a CD release concert at Hermann's and a northern BC CD release tour with Maureen Washington , a new play, Just an Ordinary Lawyer, with British actor, singer and playwright Tayo Aluko at the Metro, a Valentine's Day gig at Hermann's with Edie Daponte, and another at Hermann's with Nick LaRiviere and Trombone Mayhem.
  • Last year an exciting collaboration with Valdy, and bassoonist extraordinaire Nadina Mackie Jackson.  We played at two wonderful venues,  Heliconian Hall in London and a converted church in Drayton in November.   We're planning more gigs in April and July. 
  • Aside from my regular gigs at the Empress, I continue to play with singers Edie Daponte at Beacon Landing in Sidney and at O Bistro, and Maureen Washington at O Bistro, Evedar's, the Grand Pacific Hotel , where we'll be most Saturdays in February, and other venues fairly regularly.  Here's a video of Maureen and me performing The Christmas Song taped by SHAW TV.   And here's a CBC National piece featuring Maureen and me at a house concert at my nephews', Noah and Annie's house in Calgary.
  • Here's a recent feature article written by Mike Devlin of the Times Colonist, one from Jennifer Blyth for West Shore Magazine (Fall/Winter 2012), another written by Aaren Madden for Focus Magazine, and a piece on SHAW Cable about the tuning of the piano at the Vancouver Island Music Festival.
  • Check out an interview on influences, composing, and gigs with Rick Gibbs on his new blog Island Jazz.  Rick's done a fine mention of Valdy's new album.  Also please check out Rick's excellent tribute to Josh Dixon, long-time friend and drummer with the trio.  We miss you dearly, Josh. 
  • Also check out John Threlfall's review of Nature Boy from Monday Magazine on the Press Page.

If you'd like to receive updates and details of where I'll be performing in the next little while, send me an email and I'll put you on my list.

  • Did piano tracks and arrangements for Maureen Washington's new CD, to be released January 2017 at Hermann's and across northern BC.
  • Did piano tracks last fall for a CD with Edie Daponte at Joby Baker's studio near Prospect Lake.  Edie's including many tracks she's written, with some covers as well.  Also on the album were Joey Smith, Damian Graham, Miguelito Valdez, Monik Nordine, Adrian Dolan, and Richard Moody.
  • Joey Smith, Monik Nordine and I will be recorded a trio CD at Hermann's on November 6th, and I'll be working on a solo CD at home in the next couple of months.
  • also did piano tracks on a number a cuts for Garnett Betts.
  • In the fall of 2014 Maureen Washington and I produced her Christmas CD "Christmas Is" (available at CD Baby), with eleven terrific Christmas tunes that you don't hear very often.  Joey Smith and Damian Graham rounded out the rhythm section, and there were special appearances by Dan Lapp, Al Pease, Larry Miller and Duncan Meiklejohn.  Definitely worth checking out.  CD release concerts were held in Prince George and Victoria, and we played a few gigs in Calgary before Christmas as well.
  • Fall of 2011 I worked  with Valdy on his new CD, now available for download at his site.  I produced the CD and played keyboard tracks, train whistles, and fauxbro (that's our name for a synthetic dobro) tracks.  When we started the project in August, Valdy said "I'll be playing in Ontario and have a week free, so let's drive up and down the 401 and find studios and musicians."  So that's what we did, and everyone Valdy phoned that week said "Yes, I'd love to play on your CD!"  We've recorded in Vancouver (rhythm section #1), Crofton (rhythm section #2, background vocals, Valdy's guitar, mix), 3 different studios in Ontario (Valdy's vocals, bassoon and trumpet, electric guitar, and pedal steel guitar), and Victoria (trombone, organ, piano, accordion and additional tracks).  The choir tracks were recorded at the historic Victoria Synagogue.  We finished the mix in November, and the CD was released early in 2012.
  • In 2011 year I wrote a piece for a concert and recording for Gord Clements on bass clarinet accompanied by strings.  Other composers, including Don Thompson and Tobin Stokes also contributed original pieces. You can hear mine, entitled Current, here.
  • At home I've been recording with a number of new and exciting singers. In the summer of 2010 Maureen Washington and I completed Blues in the Night, just piano and voice. 
  • Downloads of cuts from previously released CDs Cat Fud, my Christmas CD (retitled Ave Maria because Do You Hear What I Hear is not public domain), and public domain and original cuts taken from Blue/Green and Sweets are now available at CDBaby.
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